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Voigle™ Wallet is Alkira’s digital wallet for use with smart speakers and assistants. It contains patented technology to ensure your voice experience is smooth and secure.

Voigle™ Wallet is a companion app to Alkira's Voice product which works transparently with Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices to allow you to:

  • Store information about yourself to make your voice experiences quicker - voice sessions don’t need to ask for information in your wallet;

  • Securely store payment information - pay how you want pay, securely and with confidence;

  • Store your preferences - make your conversations flow smoothly, exactly as you prefer;

  • Two factor authentication - smart speakers can use Voigle Wallet on your mobile phone to identify you;

  • Data capture - you can use your Voigle Wallet to capture sensitive information in real-time;

  • Secure service information - allows you to access a range of third-party voice services quickly and securely.

Download Voigle™ Wallet

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