Alkira Voice Services Enable Conversational Commerce

Alkira Software has unique proprietary software and tools to deliver the ultimate in voice experience.

  • 54% of your current market either MUST use voice or prefer to use voice to interact digitally.
  • 44% of people have an impairment that limits or excludes their participation on the internet – they are a market that most organisations don’t even know that they are missing.
  • 10% of users prefer to interact on the internet by voice only – this number is set to explode
  • This market segment is projected to grow at a rate of 6 x that of mobile phone uptake in Australia.
  • 13% of homes currently have a speaker in their home; this will rise to 55% by 2022
  • Australia is the leading adopter of voice assistant technology globally.
  • In just 3 years, by 2021, 20% of all commerce will be conducted by voice.  That is a six-fold increase from today.
  • People currently using voice assistants to purchase typically spend 16% more per transaction.
  • Current research shows that the voice assistants can significantly improve a brand’s Net Promoter Score by 19 percentage points.
  • Voice shopping is set to grow globally from $2 billion in 2018 to $40 billion in 2022.

Our Ambition

To be the global leader in voice-commerce transactional technology.

“Voice enable” your brand

Find out how to easily and readily voice-enable your existing website using Alkira’s patented technology.