How well can your website be navigated?

We have come a long way. Technology has brought us to a place of designing dynamic and rich interfaces that provide vital community services and information through websites such as yours.

But did you know that if you only have a visual interface available, then according to the ABS, up to 40% of your potential users may be at a disadvantage.

Websites that look great are a feast for those who can see and read them, but are they as great for an audience beyond the sighted and literate community? For instance, people who might be elderly, blind, and others who may not read or see quite so well. People like James and Agnes.


Most of us are and it is understandable, when we can see and read, that we often don’t realise what it is like for those who cannot.

But now that you have stopped to think about it, why not give it a try. Close your eyes for a moment and experience a different reality. Now, try to negotiate your website.

Isn’t it just as reasonable for this 40% of your audience to expect the ease of access and understanding of your essential messages, as those more able?

These issues are just as potent for internal stakeholders such as employees and potential employees as well.

So what have Agnes and James been doing?

Until now, disadvantaged users have been either waiting in call centre queues; subjected to the indignity of having to ask others to help them; or turn to adaptive technologies that are unaffordable, complex to use and which struggle to cope with modern web designs.

Consequently their user experiences fall well short of equivalence with able users causing inequity and social disadvantage.

What can you do about this?

Alkira empowers you to address this inequity inherent in your web presence by providing website users who do not read or see quite so well, a user experience on par with the user experience of those who can.

Addressing this inequity affords you opportunities to:

  • Demonstrate leadership in social corporate responsibility.
  • Raise the benchmark for accessibility and inclusion.
  • Magnify the reach of your messaging.
  • Provide meaningful jobs to blind and low vision workers.
  • Support world class Australian innovation.

What is Alkira?

Alkira Personal Assistant is a ground-breaking Australian software that immediately solves this problem once and for all.

With Alkira we can take your website to a new level of accessibility beyond the presumptions of sight and literacy thus ensuring all people can engage with your website with ease and dignity.

About Alkira

Alkira Personal Assistant software:

  • Is provided free to users.
  • Exceeds international accessibility guidelines.
  • Does not involve redesigning websites.
  • Does not prescribe or constrain website design.
  • Is compatible with website security measures.

How it works

With Alkira software, websites are simplified and presented as a list of audible text prompts that step the user quickly along the workflow associated with completing specific tasks like navigation, information retrieval and data entry.

In this way, Alkira bypasses the confusion of dynamic visual design elements and metadata noise transforming time-wasting, distressing and demeaning user experiences into fast, relaxing and dignified ones.

User trials have proven Alkira to be simple to use, at least 5 times faster, and far more relaxing than leading screen readers.

Our Ambition

To create a truly inclusive, global, online ecosystem of websites such as government services, personal finance, shopping, transport, health and education. These websites are critical to meaningful participation in our modern society, and should be easy and readily accessible and understandable for all users.

As your website is a critical community resource, we invite you to join Alkira’s truly inclusive ecosystem to simultaneously magnify the reach of your message and eliminate the disadvantage inherent in contemporary web communications.

“Alkira enable” your site

Find out how to easily and readily ensure your website is accessible to all users (of all abilities) or to arrange a demonstration.